Monday, December 15, 2008

Spoke too soon

As the title says, it turned out I had enough time to churn out at least one more blog entry before the end of the semester. To really prove that this is the end, I'm using the last panel from McCloud's Understanding Comics. My true closing note is how--at the risk of sounding too corny, both Understanding Comics and The Graphic Novel class have changed my perspective in just the new things I see and read, but also with older materials. Over the weekend, I came across an old Calvin and Hobbes collection at a library. I didn't really appreciate Calvin and Hobbes when it first came out, primarily because in its short time, my basic reading skills were not perfected yet. Now, apart from its now and then politically loaded messages and parodies, his personal style varies. Reality is depicted with jagged yet open lines, possibly to show a depressed reality from a child's perspective, while the scenes in Calvin's imagination have heavy shadowing and more realistic details.

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